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Monday, December 28, 2009

Two treasuries for Xmas and websites that save time for Etsy shopowners

Woke up on the day after Xmas to find two different Etsy treasuries featuring my work. Pepper Minty: a bit of holiday spice! was a treasury curated by a fellow Etsy Beadweaver - HauteIceBeadwork. She featured my Hot Chilli Ziangle necklace (see photo) . The second treasury was A Southern Spectrum: some vibrant colours to brighten... curated by artnomadix from the Down Under Street Team (DUST) included my Tangerine Fizz necklace (

When I say I woke up to find these two treasuries with my work in them, I didn't just stumble across the information at the bottom of my bed. I found out about the treasuries on (see photo of what it looks like). Craftopolis is a great time saving device for Etsy shopowners. It's one of the free access websites that tells Etsy sellers if they are in a treasury or not at the click of a button. This website also lets you know when treasuries are opening up, how many hearts your shop has, whether or not your items are in an Etsy gift guide. All great time-saving devices. In fact, there are several free time-saving websites for Etsy shopowners on the web. Here are the ones I know of and use:
  • TREASURIES. Craftopolis - - this is the quickest way to check if you are in a treasury or not and when treasuries are opening up.
  • SHOP AND ITEM HEARTS AND VIEWS. Craftcult heartomatic - - this is the quickest way to check your shop and item hearts and item views. It has a great feature that allows you to reset the item views so you know how many new views you have had since a particular date. I find the heartomatic much quicker than a similar function offered on craftopolis.
  • FEATURED ON ETSY - Craftcult - allows you to seet if you have been featured on the Etsy Front Page or in The Storque, and if any of your items are currently in a Gift Guide.
  • CHARTS TO TRACK YOUR PROGRESS ON ETSY - Craftcult - also a series of easily created charts so you can track your progress on Etsy in a variety of ways. It can help you learn the gender of your viewers, whether or not they are buyers or sellers and you can see where you peak viewing times have been.
  • STATSY - LOTS OF FEATURES - Statsy - Here you can look for your biggest fan, see if you have been featured on Etsy's front page, track Etsy views in a variety of ways and locate where an item will appear in an Etsy search using your keywords.
Whilst none of these devices directly bring sales they do save time for Etsy sellers who want to understand their visibility on Etsy and who are trying to learn more about their customers and potential customers. More time for making and promoting means more potential sales. If you know of other helpful sites for Etsy sellers I'd love to hear about them.

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