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Friday, January 29, 2010

Harequins and Harlequins

It's been ages since I curated an Etsy treasury - my latest one is called Harequin: Happy Harlequins on Etsy. It's full of fun and colour and wonderful work by folks on Etsy. If you have time do pop by and have a look. It will be online for a couple of days.

Historically, the story of the Harlequin character has a rather mixed set of meanings across Europe. The Harlequin has represented evil, sorrow and happiness. The meaning I have drawn on in building this treasury draw on the image of the Harlequin in a typical colourful diamond shaped patterned costume who represents the many sides and richness of life.
I think these Etsy artists evoke this meaning well. See what you think.

For those of you wondering what the word Harequin means: it's not some medieval spelling of Harlequin or another character altogether. It is in fact a typo. In my haste to secure an Etsy treasury I mistyped Harlequin and there is no way to correct it!!!!!

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