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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Festival of Glass presentations from Wathaurong Glass

You may recall that I am part of the organising committee for the annual Drydale Festival of Glass. On 10 June, Mark Edwards, General Manager of Geelong-based Wathaurong Glass and Arts (part of the Wathaurong Co-op), presented personalised commemorative glass plaques to members of the organising committee of the 2011 Festival of Glass.

Thought you might enjoy seeing the photos of the committee and of me receiving the plaque.

My personalised commemorative plaque bore the message: 'Wathaurong Glass and Arts. Presented to Glenda Mac Naughton in appreciation of your commitment to delivering a successful Festival of Glass - 2011'.

The Wathaurong people are the traditional owners of the land on which I live and do my beadwork, so it is a thrill to receive this plaque. To honor this history and the genorisity of Wathaurong people in the present I have decided to add a statement of acknowledgement on my blog:

I proudly acknowledge the Wathaurong Tribe as the original custodians of the land on which I live and do my beadwork and share in the hope of the Australian Declaration Towards Reconciliation (2000) for an Australia in which there is justice and equity for all.

“Our hope is for a united Australia that respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage; provides justice and equity for all.”

(Australian Declaration Towards Reconciliation 2000)

The 2011 Festival of Glass was held on February 20 at the Potato Shed in Drysdale. It attracted over thirty glass-related artists, craftspeople and businesses and over six thousand visitors. The 2012 Festival of Glass is on February 19 2012. Learn more:

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