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Friday, January 27, 2012

A beader’s turn to Greige and testing your colour comfort zones

Amongst a mad time beading in preparation for my exhibition at the Drysdale Festival of Glass (19th Feb, 2012) I am also preparing for my 60th birthday. Lots of consultation with friends led to it being a themed party inspired by the letter ‘G’. Still not sure what ‘G’ word might inspire what I wear but in trying to decide I bumped up against Griege. In the way of these things I am seeing Griege every way I turn and I even discovered that I have several tones of Griege beads.

Griege is a neutral colour somewhere between grey and beige. It’s an earthy warm beige/gray that designers call elegant and sophisticated. Its not a colour I bead with much – I never seem to feel comfortable with neutral tones. So, having just discovered the word Grienge I decided last night to move beyond my colour comfort zone and to try a turn at beading with Griege. Here is the result – three pairs of earrings with varying tones of Griege in them.

We all seem to have our colour comfort zones – neutrals and pinks are well outside mine. What about you? What colours test your colour comfort zone? Maybe finding a new name for them might tempt you to go beyond your colour comfort zone.

A great link to see Griege in all its hues:


Ilenia said...

They are all so beautiful!
Great colors!

AsteropeBC said...

You really used that color beautifully. I sometimes like to challenge myself with color too. I think I am weakest with orange.

Glenda of Dax Designs said...

Thanks for the comments I am trying pastels this week - wish me luck!

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