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Monday, April 23, 2012

A beading studio in the making: stories of clutter, chaos and Cinderellas

Beading is totally on my mind but doing any rather in the background. The reason is simple. I've decided to convert the garage into a beading studio. Its an idea that has been brewing for some time but my lampwork class with Leah Fairbanks has spurred me on to create a better and safer place for lampworking.

Just a glimpse of the garage chaos
This time last week it seemed a great idea but just one week later amongst paint pots, sanders and sorting all the chaos that is our garage the idea is feeling a little strained.

My beading buddy Janet suggested some before and after photos - its a great idea because I can already see some progress.  The old TV unit in the photo has had its first two coats of paint and it is nearly a gleaming white bead storage unit. Today should see it's garage Cinderella status change. The light in the photo is long due a new globe and that too might find a new and happier life in my studio.  Today I tackle the rest of the clutter in the photo - who knows how many Cinderellas might emerge?

Back to blogging about beading competitions once the paint is all dry and the beads are in place. Hopefully next week!!!!!! In the meantime I'd love to hear your ideas for what should be in my beading studio - what is a must have for you? There's two free Dax Designs beading patterns for the person with most helpful idea for me over the next week.

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