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Monday, June 18, 2012

Treasures of Toho 2012 contest news and thanks Cranberry Beads

I was thrilled to learn at the weekend that my necklace Hedron Rising was awarded 2nd prize in the Advanced Beader, Wearable Art in the 2012 Treasures of Toho contest.

I wish I had been able to attend the judging in the US at the Bead and Button Show but another time maybe....

I am waiting on my necklace to arrive back from the US and then I can post some photos - in the meantime my thanks to a photo from Jo Ivy from Cranberry Beads for the one above that she took before Hedron Rising headed to the US for judging earlier this year.

A second thanks to Jo for supporting the Toho contest and selling a great range of their beads in her online shop Cranberry Beads.

One of the requirements of the Toho contest is that the piece must use 90% Toho beads - so my third thanks to Jo who stocks a great range of Toho beads that was possible. A couple of urgent orders were needed as the deadline approached and Hedron Rising grew and as always my order was quickly dispatched and arrived in time. Hedron Rising uses several of Toho' permanent finish beads and I loved using them. They are not only wonderful colours but they are wonderfully uniform beads. Here's a taster of the key colours I used - click on them and you'll be at Cranberry Beads online store. If you use seed beads its a great online shop to know about. Jo is also President of the Bead Society of Victoria - another great organisation to know about, if you don't know it already.

 11 - Pumpkin11 - Purple11 - Dark Cranberry


Diana @ Serendipity Beads said...

It's a gorgeous piece and congratulations on your 2nd place for this competition. I love Toho beads and am building up my range in my little beading studio/shop in New Zealand. It is a slow process, educating the people of NZ about beading and good quality seed beads.

Glenda of Dax Designs said...

Thanks Diana - they are wonderful beads to work with. Good luck with your beading studio/shop - which part of NZ are you. I'd love to pop by next time I am there. Happy beading. Glenda

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