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Monday, February 25, 2013

Berry beading patterns, Summerberie and a surprise

Summerberie by Glenda Mac Naughton, Feb 2013
Summer time is a time here in southern Australia when a wondrous array of berry fruits are available.

Summer berries are not only luscious but apparently wonderfully good for us fighting aging, cancer, memory loss and much more. Their shapes and colours inspired a recent beading creation I called Summerberie (adapted from the Old English spelling) which I entered in the Festival of Glass Wearable Glass Art competition (Feb 17th 2013).

I was delightfully surprised to gain 3rd prize for the piece. So, here she is in all her berrie glory.  Of course, I am not the only beader to be inspired by summer berries and their wonderful colours and shapes. Here's some beading berries to explore and enjoy. They might not fight cancer but they are inspiring and who knows what comes from being inspired.

Love to hear about or see any of your beading berry inspirations.

Berry bracelet pattern by Deb Moffett-Hall

For purchase
Summer berries - 2 drop peyote.
Summer berry bracelet

For enjoying
Berry Jewelry by Alexandra Matveenko
Berry Patch Necklace by Karen Trade

For developing berry colour schemes
Colour schemer
Fashions in berry shades -

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