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Monday, July 27, 2009

'Beading tips' Competition - Best idea for organising my beads

It’s my first day of holidays and setting up my study as a beading studio is my job. To celebrate I am running a competition – post your best ideas for organising my beads and findings in my new beading studio and win this lovely stash of autumn beads. Winner announced Wednesday 29th July – 10.00 am (AEST).


giftscreated said...

I have just cleaned up my work room and are storing my buttons in large baby food jars as I have a 14mth old I have many. I think that your beeds would look lovely in little baby food jars and can be arranged by colour.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I tend to put my beads in those screw together containers, sorted by type, then color. For example, all pearls in one and sat czech glass in another etc.

Then they can be easily stored in a large box or basket.

The containers come in three different sizes which makes it really easy to find what you are after, and they don't break as easily and plastic bags.

Hope this helps

carmel said...

I have my beads stored in sectioned plastic craft boxes sorted by colour-20 of them :))

Dawn N said...

I have my smaller beads (size 15-6) sorted by color in little 3-drawer storage units. The bigger beads and findings I store by color in plastic fishing tackle boxes that are like the craft boxes but bigger and you can make the compartments whatever size you need. Of course you need lots of shelves to put them on :)

Cindy Caraway said...

Not to make this a product ad (eek!) but I absolutely LOVE Craft Mates storage containers! The ones I use have 14 compartments which open individually so it's easy to get at the beads or components you want - you can just dump it! Also, everyone MUST have a bead scoop of some sort :)

:-) MaryLou said...

I'm going through the same organizing process myself. Having been somewhat dissatisfied with my previous methods, I'm actually using quite a few different things:

- Small ziploc bags for my delicas. I have loads of them, and I was tired of having just 1 or 2 grams left in the bottom of a tube. I now have them all in ziploc bags labeled with color number and name, and the bags are hanging from big rings so I can remove them easily.

- Plano storage boxes for larger beads. I buy them in the fishing department at K-Mart or Wal-Mart, where they seem to be the cheapest. I get the big ones with the lids that have clamps, and my bigger beads go in there organized by color. I also use these boxes for special lampwork or raku beads, and there's enough room that I can keep the business cards of the artists in there with them.

- Random findings go into plastic shoe-box type containers with lids.

It's not as uniform as I'd like, but I haven't been able to find any storage solution that works for all the types of beads I have.

RecreationalArt said...

I too use the Plano storage boxes, but since I do a lot of my beading in front of the TV at night and want to clear the space for daytime use - I have often thought that one of those tool boxes, that you find at walmart or kmart, that has all of the compartments for nails and screws and is on wheels to roll around would be a great fix for that purpose!

Ginja Girl Designs said...

I use alot of different methods to oranize my beads and supplies. Your blog inspired me to post a picture of my "studio" and blog about my favorite ways to keep things organized. I put a link to your blog there. Great blog by the way, lots of fun to read.
My blog is

RecreationalArt said...

Hi Glenda!
Great blog you have here, I am happy you stopped by mine so I was able to find you.
I definitely WILL share your site with my blog readers very soon XD
p.s. - great interview!!!

I have been interviewed recently as well:

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