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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beading tips competition winner

Thanks for all the great tips about how to organise my beads. I found a good idea in each one. Sarah I love the idea of re-using baby food jars but unfortunately no babies in site. Plano boxes for fellow beaders in the US are clearly popular and after Googling them I now know what they are. Finding something to organise beading in front of the TV at night is also a quest I am on - I'll post a picture of my solution that is working well currently.

I've decided that the Autumn beads should go to Ginja Girl Designs for bringing her ideas to l ife with the photo on her blog.

Watch out for my next bead stash giveaway on next Monday.

For me today, its more bead organising - progress is slow, but there is progress!



Ginja Girl Designs said...

Wow!! You certainly made my day. Thank you!!! I sent you an email.
Great blog, I enjoy following you.

Ginja Girl Designs said...

I received the beads today ( 8-6-09). They are gorgeous!! So many possibilities for these beauties! I will post a picture when I finally make up my mind.
Thank you so much.

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