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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Creativity, gemstones and you

I have just listed a Red Tiger Iron gemstone cabochon in my Etsy Destash shop (see photo and link to for more information). In reading about this gemstone I met its folklore as a stone that could aid creativity. Ah, I thought, a perfect stone for beaders. Whoever works with this cabochon could produce a wonderfully creative design. Mind you it is not the only gemstone believed to enhance our creativity. For instance:

  • Amber builds creative confidence
  • Carnelian gives us creative energy
  • Citrine generates positive new thoughts and ideas
  • Dioptase energises creative insights
  • Garnet sparks us to act on our creativity
  • Iolite unlocks our creativity
  • Jade stimulates spontaneity in our creativity
  • Rhodochroisite encourages playful creativity

Beliefs about the magical properties of gemstones have a long and varied history. Over time in different cultures gemstones have been attributed with many magical and healing properties. In researching this history for her novel A Rumour of Gems, author Ellen Steiber found that just about any gemstone was capable of anything. The magical and/or healing properties a particular gemstone is believed to have can shift from culture to culture and time to time. For instance, it was claimed in times past that if you put your hand in boiling water after a topaz had been thrown into it the water would not harm you. So, it is with that caution in mind you might turn to my creative gemstone list when you need a boost to your creativity. Mind you, I still believe that my Red Tiger Iron gemstone cabachon will stimulate who ever uses it to create a wonderful design. What stimulates you to be creative? Do gemstones have a place in that for you?


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Patricia C Vener said...

Hm, well I think almost any stone has creative properties given that at any given time an artist will go "Oh, I think I have an idea for this..."


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