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Monday, August 23, 2010

Chocolate truffles, ‘in’ colours for beaders and southern skies

I’ve just downloaded a preview of the latest Margie Deeb Colour Report for Bead and
Jewelry Designers.
Margie ( writes prolifically on colour for beaders and I own her book The Beaders Guide to Colour (published by Watson-Guptill Publications.) Margie publishes regular seasonal colour reports for beaders that appraise them of the latest in colour trends for the upcoming season. I’ve have downloaded her latest report - the Fall/Winter 2010 report. It has some enticing colour combinations in it. I was drawn to those associated with the PANTONE® colour ‘Chocolate Truffle’. PANTONE® has created what is considered to be the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colours.

PANTONE® describe their 'Chocolate Truffle' as “Elegant.... evocative of delicious treats, is a rich brown with piquant plum undertones, that pairs tastefully with Purple Orchid." PANTONE® 19-1526. It sounds good enough to eat. Maggie suggests using Delica #1574 to emulate their rich brown.

I was just about to head off to my Delica stash to see if I had any when I realized that what might be ‘in’ for beaders in the northern hemisphere isn’t necessarily in for southern hemisphere beaders. We are just beginning to turn from winter to spring and instead of brown autumn leaves there yellow wattles bursting into flower and blue skies sneaking through the grey. So as delicious as chocolate truffles might look and sound should a southern beader be tempted by them?

Searching for advice online I’ve been rather overwhelmed by the wide range of fashion colour reports available to us beaders for inspiration. I’ve listed some key ones below but I haven’t yet found any that answers my question – what should a girl in the southern hemisphere do – be tempted by chocolate truffles or not? What do others think?

By the way those luscious choclate truffles in the picture above are from Chocolate Lushes Etsy shop - stop by for other temptations and/or inspirations.

Sources for colour inspiration and colour trends online
Pantone's website:

Fashion Trendsetter - has the following colour reports:
  • Pantone Fashion Colour Report for Fall 2010 - The CIFF Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 Fashion and Colour Trends
  • APLF Colour and Material Trends Fall/Winter 2010/2011
  • The Must-Have Colour Trends for Fall 2011
  • Inspiring Color Hues From Prada!
  • Lenzing Textile & Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2010/11
For Northern and Southern hemisphere trends -


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Perhaps in the spring, this glorious color is plowed fields, and glossy mud puddles! Beautiful in any hemisphere.

KRDesigns11 said...

A good question to ask Margie. Perhaps she (and the industry) needs to reconsider the name of the report. Pantone picked the colors, and she selected beads to match our outfits for the next few months. The colors endive, lagoon, rose dust, and purple orchid are not practical colors to wear in fall/winter in cold and snowy Chicago, but based on prior lists, I know they will appear in my stores. Observe whether the colors appear in yours.

I've used chocolate truffle and loved it; planning to do more because I'm sure it will appeal to my ideal customer. I titled my bracelet chocolate covered cherries!

Glenda of Dax Designs said...

Great suggestion to speak to Maggie - will follow that up. Your bracelet sounds rather delicious. Thanks for the comments.

The Bead Doodler said...

Most of us sell our creations online to a world wide market. It might be a good idea to have a wide selection of colors for all the seasons.

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